This week is World Breastfeeding Week, so I thought it apt to offer up some natural alternatives to soothe cracked, sore nipples which can occur when breastfeeding.

I have not begun my breastfeeding journey yet, so I am really not claiming to be an expert on the matter. When researching the hot topic of breastfeeding I came across these intriguing alternatives and had to share!

Just a little bit on World Breastfeeding Week. It aims to create a support network for new mothers who are breastfeeding and may be struggling, as even though it is a natural process it can be incredibly tough for mothers who are tired, have milk production issues, in pain and have fussy babies. The UK actually has the lowest breastfeeding rate in the world and from midwives I have spoken to on the matter, believe it is down to the support that mothers receive. With the right support women can feel more confident in themselves and their ability to nurse their children.

I am pro breastfeeding and I am also pro choice so absolutely no judgement on formula feeding!  If I find breastfeeding too difficult/stressful/emotionally draining I will readily turn to formula. Hopefully, with the correct support though, I will be able to have a positive breastfeeding experience, as will many other women! I have heard the first few weeks are the toughest….Your local areas should have support networks, just ask your midwife!

Now onto a couple of options I am really keen on trying, for when the nips are feeling fragile.


Silver Healing Cups

Silver has amazing antiseptic and healing abilities so it is perfect for preventing and soothing sore nips! They are really simple to use, before you place them over your nipples you express a couple of drops of breastmilk into each cup (as the breastmilk itself has healing properties) and place over each nipple. You then place your breast pads on and your nursing bra will hold everything in place.

You wear the cups apart from when nursing your child and before each nursing session you just need to give them a quick rinse. For more information on how to use and clean silver nursing cups head to Breast Angels.



 Breastfeeding Shells


I came across these breastfeeding shells on Instagram a few weeks ago and I love the idea! You could totally pretend you’re a mermaid…

The cooling effect of the shell helps to decrease the burning sensation that can happen after a feeding session.  As with the silver cups, you express a couple of drops of breast milk into each shell before placing on the nipple to make the most of the antiseptic and healing properties of the milk. Place a shell on each nipple and pop your nursing bra on and you are good to go! A brand I have come across and will be trying is Baby Shell, head over to their website to find out more.

What’s great about both of these options is that they are 100% re-usable and eco friendly. You will not be ploughing through breast pads and throwing them away when finished.

There are some really great non toxic nipple creams you can use, but I quite like the idea of the baby not having to ingest any product.

I would love to hear from anybody that has tried either of these options and I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on once I have used them!


Laura x

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