Breast Cancer UK are saying it’s time to #DitchTheJunk and I couldn’t agree more! The below infographics have incredibly useful information on what nasty ingredients to look out for on your beauty products. If it’s not something that has concerned you before you may find it interesting to find out exactly what to look out for so you can take a small but profound step to protecting yourselves and your families. You can read into the scientific research here for some more in depth reading into the facts.

Personally, I feel knowing this information is so important and helpful as a recent study from the University of California has shown that by stopping use of products with these nasties in you can unburden your body of the toxic load within three days!

If you would like any advice or suggestions on what non toxic products you can switch to, please leave a comment or a drop me an email. I am more than happy to help and recommend some great products for adults and babies!

Laura x

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